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Kwik Start Glo Plug Igniter


  • $ 2293

Kwik-Start securely mounts on glow plug for starting engines. Comes complete with Kwik-Mount Storage Klip and charger. Works with NORVEL Freedom XL and 7L glow plugs and all standard glow plugs.

The Dubro Kwik-Start is a rechargeable glow plug ignitor which will work with all standard size glow plugs and the NORVEL Freedom XL and 7L glow plugs.

Unit includes glow ignitor unit with integrated sub-c battery cell. The battery is not replaceable, but it is rechargable. AC Charger unit has convenient, long charging cord. A plastic mount with mounting screws is included to facilitate mounting onto field box. It's nice to mount the Kwik-Start so it is handily accessible during engine starting procedures.

Keep in mind that the flange which locks the ignitor into place is 1 1/8" long. It will work on engines with normal cylinder heads, but it will not work on engines with tall heatsink heads such as those found on the NORVEL Vmax helicopter engines or on typical RC car engines. Du-bro part 668 is available for those who require a unit with a longer flange.

The 1300 mAh NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) Battery provides plenty of power to light the glow plug. And it can be recharged many times. AC charging unit plugs into regular 110 V wall socket and has built-in LED to indicate that charging is in progress. Charging takes approximately 10-14 hours.

The ignitor locks securely to the plug by way of a spring loaded flange so that it cannot be accidentally knocked into props or gears

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